Residential and Commercial accounts accepted

    Spring and Fall Clean up: Let Two of Us take care of a seasonal task that you dread,
    spring and fall clean up. This includes leaf bagging/raking/mulching, flowerbed edging,
    cutting back perennials, thinning plants, wrapping shrubs and trees, pruning, mulching, etc.

    Maintenance: Weekly or Monthly or on an 'as needed' service that fits your budget.

    Gardening and yard Maintenance: Flower bed set up,planting,thinning, dead heading
    and maintaining,

    Garden Restoration: Let Two of Us bring your garden and flower beds back in to their
    Weeds and perennials can quickly overgrow a garden, leaving you with an over whelming
    jungle. It is nothing to be embarrassed about, work, attending to kids, illnesses, physical
    restrictions, attending family events, can all limit the time and energy you have to garden
    and that is OK. This is where Two of Us can step in to take the burden off you, as well as
    create a beautiful and relaxing place to enjoy and unwind.

    Lawn Mowing: as needed or on a regular schedule

    Seasonal Planters: Welcome the seasons or holidays with fresh planters without the
    hassle of planning and planting them. Just give Two of Us your budget and favorite colors
    and let us do the rest!

    Plants for sale: Take advantage the occasional over purchases of perennials and herbs,
    that Two of Us makes. Occasionally Two of Us will have extra plants left over from projects
    we work on and will sell off these plants for well below retail.

    We also raise several perennials in our gardens that have wintered in our gardens and not
    a sheltered greenhouse. These plants are tough and used to the weather in Orangeville.

    Garden and Yard Decorations: Two of Us makes and /or supports local artisans that
    create whimsical and functional decorations to accent your garden and outdoor
    environment. Perfect ideas for gift giving or adding to your home.

    Pre-sale Curb appealing: Let Two of Us help you get your property into top selling shape
    A tidy and well maintained Garden and Yard is a proven factor in getting top dollar for the
    house you are selling. Let them bring your property up to par by adding welcoming planters,
    cleaning up garden beds, pruning trees, mowing lawns and trimming curbs.

    Trade Show booth decorating: Let Two of Us take care of decorating your booth creating
    an inviting, nature inspired environment to wow your clients and get the attention of your
    potential clients. Reducing the amount of time you have to spend on setting up your booth
    gives you more time to spend on your clients.

    Window dressing: Let Two of Us decorate your business/store window. Specializing in
    seasonal decorations and planters for your business. Networking with local charities, Two
    of us either owns or sources unique items to make your window tastefully stand out from the
    rest. Working with you, the client, they will incorporate your colors, budget and style
    preference to create a window design that will turn your business.

Two of us Gardening and Yard Maintenance